Importance of a Cat Water Fountain

370368161 160x180 Importance of a Cat Water FountainIt may seem that our thirsty feline friends drink enough water, but this is rarely the case.

That’s where a cat water fountain can be a life saver.

Cats originated as desert animals obtaining most of their water supply from their prey – small rodents and the like. While modern versions of cat food do offer some degree of hydration, the comparison is far from fair.

Since cats received so much water from their prey in the past, they never took to drinking enough water by itself. This leaves the modern house cat open to a serious risk of dehydration and other health issues, caused by the lack of water necessary for their systems to function as they should.

The Significance of Water

While it makes sense to say living creatures need water to survive, the amount needed is equally important to consider. For a cat, drinking plenty of water ensures soft fur, moist gums and eyes, and avoiding constipation. Through regular periodic urination, bladder infections and the build up of crystals in the urinary tract can be avoided. While female cats can still suffer the effects of insufficient water consumption, male cats are at particular risk for urinary tract problems.

In both felines and humans, water is the primary way of flushing out waste material from the body. Without sufficient water, the kidneys can allow for a buildup of waste, preventing toxins from leaving the body. Should this happen, the kidneys will be damaged, leading to fatal renal failure – all of which can be avoided by a simple cat water fountain.

Providing the Water

This is a chance for wet food to beat dry cat food. Not only is there more protein and less carbs in wet food (a good thing), but more water as well. Since domestic cats don’t drink nearly as much water as they should, providing some of this water through their food will definitely help in the fight for proper hydration. Unfortunately, even a strict canned food died has its weak points – less teeth and gum strength.

The only real solution is to make fresh water more available. Frequently changing their water is crucial to keeping your cat hydrated, since they prefer newer, fresh water over stagnant old water. That’s why they need cat water fountain.

The drinking bowl or container should be wide enough to fit their whole face (including whiskers) to accommodate for their interesting need to see their surroundings while drinking.

A cat drinking fountain does all of this for you. Not only does it save you time as a pet owner from constantly having to change your cat’s water to keep it new, but it provides a fresh source of moving water (a favorite for felines) wide enough for them to enjoy their drink.

The Cat Water Fountain

The benefits of a cat drinking fountain are numerous. Not only do they store a massive amount of water, but this water is continually circulated through a filter and purifier and aerated to keep its fresh, bubbly texture and sound.

Like most pet items, cat water fountains come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from single cat use to having multiple cats drink in tandem from the fountain. The water always taste’s fresh, since the filter system removes any impurities and the stagnant taste via a charcoal filter.

Some models rotate the water in a circular fashion like a river, while others provide free-falling waterfall effects to amuse and enrich. Some models go so far as to provide areas for food or plant growth. Most every cat drinking fountain is extremely faint to the ear, so noise shouldn’t ever be an issue.

You know you did well when you see your cat smiling from across the room, its coat shiny and smooth with eyes as bright as fireflies. A cat properly hydrated is a happy cat – the difference is easy to tell.

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